Amanda Starbuck has always been more of the outdoorsy, adventurous type. As a kid, she spent most of her days in the stables or out riding, training the horses she would eventually work with in national competitions. She still loved fashion and always enjoyed a good film with friends but then, and still to this day, she prefers being on the slopes skiing – another sport in which she competed at a high level – playing tennis, fishing or just relaxing on the beach.

Amanda Starbuck Ski PhotoThe way she feels about skiing represents how she feels about all outdoors activities. Amanda Starbuck loves the feeling of cool air hitting her face, the feeling of freedom inevitably in attendance when one glides down a mountain. She loves the camaraderie of doing exciting, challenging things with others and the friendships that are built from overcoming those challenges together. When you are on the mountain, “sometimes you are laughing at each other, sometimes you are helping each other through a tough section, but you are always doing it together. It is a microcosm of life itself,” Amanda says when asked to reflect on what she loves about skiing.

During the winters when Amanda Starbuck was young, she would travel to Florida for competitions but that wouldn’t stop her from skiing in Vermont or upstate NY whenever she got a chance. She would practice the Giant Slalom, a downhill skiing event that requires incredible technical skill. She found a lot of similarities between her horseback riding and her skiing and used those skill links to compete and win second place in the Connecticut State Skiing Championship for the GS.

Amanda Starbuck fell in love with fishing in Nantucket where the bluefish were always eager to bite, but hard to reel in. “They are easy to get on line but they put up a fight. They are hard to catch and I like the challenge” says Amanda. She also played tennis on those long summer days.

Now, Amanda Starbuck works during the summer months and so she doesn’t have as much time to fish or play tennis. But, she still holds a love for the outdoors. This blog will be dedicated to providing information about outdoor activities and travel destinations for skiers and fishers alike!