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Essential Items for Your Next Backpacking Trip to South America

Essential Items for Your Next Backpacking Trip to South America

Similar to backpacking in Asia or parts of central America, the first rule of thumb is to not bring any unwanted attention to yourself. To put it simply, it is best to not bring any jewelry, valuables, or additional tech devices (other than perhaps your phone and a camera). You don’t want to be a target for a robbery or petty theft, so it’s best to just leave the fancy rings and watches at home.

While it is important that you avoid bringing any expensive jewelry to South America, this in no way means that you shouldn’t carry some nice outfits if you choose to have a nice dinner in Buenos Aires or Bogota. Also, investing in sturdy shoes, a solid rain jacket and a waterproof outdoor backpack.

One thing to definitely avoid is wearing a money belt (a silk sleeping bag liner more than does the job). You basically want to be as discreet as possible when it comes to storing money and other documents during your backpacking adventure.

As you’re packing for your trip and placing all your items in your waterproof backpack or suitcase, be sure to pack light. Bringing a few pairs of pants, merino wool socks, water purifier tablets, etc. is better than overpacking and your items being too heavy to comfortably hike the Inca trail on the way to Macchu Picchu. Once you’re there, you can always purchase any basic toiletries or the like.

At the end of the day, practicing minimalism is essentially the way to go with regard to exploring the stunning, vast continent of South America. Remember to also use basic common sense and do the proper research before you head to the Andes, the beautiful architecture of Cartagena, or the isolated nature preserves deeply woven in Patagonia. The world is yours to explore. Safe travels!

Greek Travel Spotlight: Exploring Athens in 4 Days


With most of Athens constructed as a walkable, tourist friendly city, it is no surprise that millions of American tourists flee to the ancient ruins that have graced Greece’s landscape for centuries. See below for the most iconic Greek monuments to keep on your radar during your Athenian exploration.

The Acropolis

The religious center of Athens, this ancient structure is actually visible from any point within the capital. Sites at the Acropolis in Athens range from the Parthenon, Old Temple of Athena, and the Theatre of Dionysus, which are all located in the large complex containing around 21 areas dedicated to deities.


Dedicated to the goddess of Athena, the patron of the capital, this structure is arguably the most sacred temple or holy area in Athens. This marble temple was designed by architects Iktinos and Kallikrates and is entirely constructed from clean, white marble.

Marble statues, ancient pediments, and perfectly carved tiles are pointing to this temple pristine excellence, making it an almost must-see during your short trip in Athens. From this point, you actually have the most majestic views of Athens, where you can perfectly see the shimmering Mediterranean, the Plaka district, and the mountains in the distance.


Right below the Acropolis is the historic district of Plaka, where the most quaint bed and breakfasts are located on winding cobblestone roads leading to the most delicious spinach pies, sandal shops, and restaurants that allow you to view the Acropolis from your dinner table. There are also awesome coffee shops right under the Acropolis (where the locals usually go) that serve really refreshing iced treats.  

The most ideal time of year to explore the Plaka District is without a doubt the summer, where tourists and locals alike can enjoy the beautiful brightly colored vine-like flowers covering the restaurants and shops throughout the district.